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Gorgeous summer grapes

From mango and strawberry to candyfloss, our speciality grape varieties – in store now – are some of summer’s sweetest treats. Discover our array of flavours, then try these easy recipe ideas

Grape expectations

Not all grapes are created equal: at M&S, we carefully choose only the best growers for our Select Farms grapes, who leave the fruit on the vines for longer to maximise flavour, sweetness and size.

This summer, our grapes come in an incredible variety of colours and flavours, making them the perfect on-the-go sweet snack. Available in store, our speciality varieties include candyfloss, with an amazing natural candyfloss flavour; dark purple sable, which tastes sweet with a hint of muscat; and juicy, berry-like strawberry grapes. Discover the full range in store now.

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Three tasty ways to enjoy our grapes

While grapes are lovely on their own, they’re also a delicious addition to both sweet and savoury dishes.

They’re a classic accompaniment to a cheeseboard with goats’ cheese, cheddar, stilton and crackers, where their natural sweetness contrasts with the salty cheese. 

Alternatively, make a low-fuss summer dessert by freezing our sable grapes until they go frosty on the outside, then serve with melted dark chocolate, which sets as you dip the cold grapes.

For a stylish starter, try roasting our strawberry grapes with some thyme and a squeeze of honey. Spread our San Francisco sourdough with ricotta, then top with roasted grapes and a little extra thyme and honey.

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