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Your family favourites at home

From Southern fried wholefry chicken with flavour-packed homemade sides to deliciously indulgent cheesecake, ensure smiles all round with our new-in dishes and recipe inspiration

The fuss-free feast

Whether you’re watching the football or planning a movie marathon, keep dinner stress- and mess-free and truly delicious with our pizza meal deal. Simply choose two pizzas, including classic favourites and vegan and gluten-free options, and two sides or desserts, such as chicken wings, dough balls or chocolate cheesecakes.

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The flavour-packed fishcakes

Is fish and chips your family’s favourite Friday treat? Switch it up by trying our brand-new and totally delicious fishcakes. First up is our battered cod fishcake, made with responsibly sourced cod, topped with fresh, crushed peas, and coated in a light and crisp batter for an authentic chip-shop-style taste. Or try our Japanese twist on a fishcake, which packs a punch of katsu flavour. Our katsu fishcake is made with responsibly sourced cod, topped with a lightly spiced katsu sauce, and coated in crisp golden breadcrumbs.

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The wholefry chicken

Want perfect crispy fried chicken at home that tastes better than your favourite takeaway? Then our brand-new and totally innovative Southern fried wholefry chicken is the one. Ideal for feeding the family, this standout dish features succulent meat covered in a crispy, lightly spiced coating. Pick it up in store when you’re next shopping for your essentials and try our delicious side ideas below.

  • Crunchy slaw: simply mix grated carrot and shredded cabbage with a generous dollop of mayonnaise, a splash of vinegar (white wine or apple cider both work well), salt and pepper and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard if you fancy a kick of spice.
  • Corn on the cob: cover corn on the cob with a mix of butter, crushed garlic and mixed herbs or our tasty Marmite butter and some grated parmesan or pecorino. Wrap in foil and bake for 30 minutes or until tender.
  • Pickled red onion: add thinly sliced red onions to a bowl with some crushed garlic. Bring to the boil a saucepan of vinegar, sugar, salt and peppercorns. Pour the vinegar liquid over the onions and garlic and store in the fridge.
  • Baked fries: heat vegetable oil in the oven alongside garlic cloves and rosemary. Mix potatoes, which have been cut into 1cm-thick chips, in cornmeal, polenta or cornflour and season. Add the potatoes to the hot oil and shake well. Cook for 30-40 minutes, until golden and crispy.

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The fragrant ramen

Enjoy the flavours of your favourite Japanese restaurant or takeaway with our fresh and fragrant ramen broth recipe. Heat stock (fresh or homemade) with lemongrass, coriander seeds, garlic, sliced ginger and soy sauce (or you can use one of our ready-to-go ITSU Brilliant Broths). Fry your veggies, noodles and protein if using (try tofu, prawns, steak or chicken) in a wok or large frying pan. Once cooked, add to a bowl and pour over the broth (strain first if you’re using your own). Add your favourite toppings – fresh coriander, sliced chillies, sliced spring onions, nori, sesame seeds or pickled ginger – and a wedge of lime.

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More recipe inspiration

The salted caramel cheesecake

Ticking off two sweet treat favourites, our salted caramel cheesecake is the perfect end to a family feast. This tasty dessert features a digestive biscuit base, a baked Madagascan vanilla layer and a trio of toppings – salted caramel sauce, milk chocolate malt balls and honeycomb. Serve with fresh fruit such as strawberries or raspberries.

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