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Houseplants are perfect for adding greenery to your home and proven to improve mood and reduce stress. Scroll down to see deputy flowers editor Olivia Ferguson’s must-haves from our online range and top care tips

Bring colour into your home with potted flowers

Spruce up your space and add sunshine colour with our range of indoor potted flowers. Discover beautiful yellow roses in a metal trough, pretty pink roses in a modern ceramic pot and more online. Not only do they look beautiful but they’re simple to take care of, too. Roses love natural light, so a windowsill or sunny shelf is the perfect home for these picture-perfect plants. Give the plants a drink over the sink to allow excess water to drain and ensure the soil never completely dries out or becomes waterlogged. Adding a little plant food to the water every 10 days or so and removing any wilted leaves will also ensure your plants look blooming lovely for longer. Discover our full collection of plants online now.

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Create the perfect ‘shelfie’ with plant power

To add freshness and colour to my home, I’ll be adding a selection of my favourite M&S plants to the shelves in my living room alongside books, art and framed photos. Our houseplant trio is perfect, as the different sized pots create a striking look when grouped together and the plants are low maintenance. Simply position in a slightly shaded spot that avoids direct sunlight and draughts, and check the soil of each pot every three days or so. Add a little water when needed to keep the compost moist and your plants blooming. To keep your plants happy and healthy, try misting them with water and feeding them with plant food during the warmer months.

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Boost your creativity with happy houseplants

This month, I’m upgrading my working-from-home set-up by surrounding myself with lots of lovely green plants. Not only do they look beautiful, but indoor plants are also proven to help improve mood, reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity, so it’s a win-win! Adding greenery can also help improve the air quality in your home. Try choosing plants of varying sizes and adding to different levels. Choose our tradescantia, which comes in a natural straw weave basket with a stand to add height. Or make a statement with a large calathea that will be the focal point of any room. This houseplant is best placed in a partly shady spot away from direct sunlight and draughts. Check the compost every few days and never allow the soil to completely dry out. Is your houseplant outgrowing its pot? To repot, lightly water it the day before to soften the soil, remove the plant, prune the roots, place in a pot that is roughly two inches larger in diameter, add compost, water and then watch your plant flourish! Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more low maintenance, our range of artificial plants will brighten up any space with absolutely no care required.

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Words: Olivia Ferguson / Images: Maja Smend / Styling: Agathe Gits / Art direction: Pippa Paine