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Discover the updated Pinpoint app

Measure the kids’ feet at home with M&S Pinpoint


Discover the Pinpoint mobile app and matching stylus tool and take the guesswork out of online shoe shopping in three easy steps

Pinpoint app and stylus
Pinpoint stylus and app

Step 1

Get the M&S Pinpoint system

(A) Order your stylus tool

(B) Download the free app for iOS or Android. Search for ‘M&S pinpoint’, or click below

Step 2

Get measuring

Use the stylus to draw around your child’s foot on a piece of A4 paper, then simply scan the outline with the app

Child’s foot on a piece of paper being drawn around with the Pinpoint stylus
Pinpoint app on a smartphone

Step 3

Get shoe size

Once both feet have been scanned, the app will work out an accurate shoe size. Happy shoe shopping!

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Any questions? We hope we can answer them here


  • Children’s shoe sizes are designed to include some growing room, usually about a half-size, and Pinpoint takes this into account with its final measurement. Adult shoe sizes do not include this allowance, so Pinpoint’s measurement might be slightly too large. Our feet tend to stop growing around the age of 17 and stay constant until our mid-50s, when they will naturally widen a little as part of the ageing process.

  • We looked at your feedback and reviewed the app to make it easier to use, with step-by-step help, to ensure you have the best scan for the most accurate results. Please note this is just an app update – you won’t need to repurchase the Pinpoint tool.

  • This is most often caused by shadows or other marks on the paper. The updated version of Pinpoint uses artificial intelligence to “clean-up” your scans and improves their reliability. Always make sure you use a clean piece of blank A4 paper in well-lit conditions. Sometimes, when a child’s foot is on or very close to a boundary between sizes, the app may return different results based on tiny variations in lighting or even how you hold the phone. If in doubt, try a few times to see if Pinpoint settles on one recommendation.

  • The M&S version of Pinpoint can be found in app stores under ‘M&S Foot Measurement (Using Pinpoint Technology)’ or ‘Pinpoint: Marks and Spencer’. These are the versions calibrated to our children’s shoe sizes.

  • The Pinpoint stylus enables you to draw a highly accurate image of your child’s foot, much more accurate than simply drawing freehand. Shoe sizes differ by a matter of millimetres, so it is essential to draw the outline as accurately as possible. The Pinpoint stylus achieves this by using an offset wheel that exactly follows the outer edge of your child’s foot. Although the stylus outline is bigger than their actual foot, Pinpoint compensates for this, delivering a milllimetre-accurate length and width.

  • Unfortunately sizes and fits are not the same everywhere and differences can occur between brands, and sometimes even between factories. The SATRA sizing methodology is the closest thing there is to an international standard and this is the methodology used within Pinpoint. We size our footwear to SATRA standards, so you can be confident when measuring your child’s feet with Pinpoint.

  • Like any piece of software, the Pinpoint app can crash if it becomes overwhelmed by contradictory or unexpected information. The improved AI in Pinpoint has eliminated most of these issues but some problems can occur with phones using older versions of Android operating systems.

  • Children’s feet only take on a ‘normal’ foot shape once they’ve started walking independently and confidently. Babies’ and toddlers’ feet are much squarer in shape, and the Pinpoint app may not provide a correct size. It is advisable to get your child fitted for their first shoes by a trained shoe-fitter.