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How to buy
a rug

The right rug can transform a room, bringing warmth, texture and colour - let us help you pick the perfect one.

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manufacture and materials

How are our rugs made?

All M&S rugs are either handmade using traditional techniques or machine made

Hand-knotting: Every hand-knotted rug is unique and made with care to ensure years of enjoyment

Hand-tufting: With the help of a hand-operated tool, strands of wool are stretched over canvas to create looped or tuffed design

Kilim: kilim rugs are created by tightly interweaving strands of yarn on a weavy loom or frame


Machine made: Reporducing tradtional weaving process on modern looms for a consistent finish

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What are our rugs made from?

We blend different fibres together to create high-quality rugs with a lovely texture each with subtle pattern and colour differences.

Wool: Ethically sourced using high quality fibres to ensure long lasting products and minimise shedding

Viscose: provides a soft feel and subtle sheen finish to the rugs, often combined with wool to create texture and patern

Cotton: traditional cotton fibre is used for rug backings

Jute: a sustainable natural fibre which needs to be properly cared for as colours may soften in direct sunlight

Polyester: provides a silky feel and thick luxurious pile rug, it is hard wearing and contains excellent colour features

Top tips

How to care for new rugs

We recommend use of a rug grip on all floor surfaces

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Tip 1

Rugs will shed fibres especially when new. Vacuum rugs regularly to remove dirt and excess fibre. Use a suction type vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush attachment to prevent damage. If loose strands occur, trim with scissiors, do not pull

Tip 2

Blot wet spills with an absorbent tissue, do not rub - use caution as colour transfer to other objects could occur & damage property

Tip 3

Clean with mild carpet shampoo or consult a professional carpet cleaner for a deep clean

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Add warmth and texture underfoot in any room, with our simple rugs in a choice of shapes and sizes

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Patterned Rugs

From modern graphic rugs to traditional designs, pick the perfect finishing touch for your floor

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