When it comes to sustainable fashion, you don’t have to compromise on style. With natural fabrics such as cotton and linen made with eco production practices, we’ve got planet-friendly clothing covered

Pants and shorts

Spring is on the horizon, so getting prepped for the warmer weather starts now. We’re on the hunt fo pants that are light and breathable, a quest that chimes perfectly with sustainably sourced fabrics containing Tencel Lyocell. Smooth and durable, Tencel Lyocell is made from sustainably sourced wood pulp in a closed-loop production process, making it an eco-friendly choice for the conscious shopper. Not only that, but Tencel Lyocell is breathable, gentle on skin and drapes beautifully. The bottom line: it’s a great choice for your bottom half.

Tencel is a trademark of Lenzing AG

Tops and T-shirts

The first thing to look for in eco-friendly clothing is the material. Natural fabrics produced in a sustainable way – such as M&S’s cotton and linen – are a good start. Linen is made from flax, one of the oldest continuously cultivated plants in the world. Thanks to rich soil and frequent rain, producing flax in northern Europe, as M&S does, produces no waste, unlike other countries where irrigation and fertilisers are required. We love this update on a classic white shirt, featuring utility detailing and a bold, boxy shape.”

Cotton dresses and jumpsuits

Transitioning into spring calls for longer-sleeved pieces in breathable fabrics and this jumpsuit hits the sweet spot perfectly. 100% of the cotton for our clothing is sustainably sourced, and we’ve worked with the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to support practices that are better for farmers and the planet, such as saving water and cutting down on toxic chemicals. Great dresses and jumpsuits that are also guilt-free? Yes, please.

Good jeans

Where would we be without our staple skinnies or oh-so comfortable boyfriend jeans? While denim is a wardrobe essential for any season, it’s not always the most sustainable fabric to produce, but M&S is making great progress to reduce the amount of water and toxic chemicals used in the process. Another exciting development is the use of recycled plastic bottles to create our Supersoft jeans – you’d never guess that each luxuriously soft pair contains the equivalent of around 10 plastic bottles.

Words: Sophie Hines


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