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Our Best Ever Burger with cheese in a fried onion brioche bun with chips and burger sauce
Photographer: Martin Poole

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Deputy food editor


Get set for grilling greatness with this summer’s tastiest beef burger, developed by our obsessive in-house chefs

Summer’s here, and barbecues wouldn’t be the same without burgers. Last year, after a year-long quest to craft the perfect patty, we released Our Best Ever burger. Made with specially selected cuts of brisket, shortrib, sirloin and chuck steak, plus a hint of bone marrow, the burgers were an instant hit. This summer we’ve topped them, adding a moreish cheese melt with gherkins, mustard and tomatoes. Simply grill the burgers on one side, then add the cheese once you’ve flipped them and allow it to bubble away for the last few minutes. Serve with our squishy fried onion brioche burger buns, your favourite toppings and a dollop of our new special burger sauce. We might not be able to guarantee soaring temperatures this summer, but when it comes to burgers, the forecast is looking great.
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“If you’re FIRING up the grill this
summer, Our Best Ever burger with
cheese is guaranteed to get guests talking”

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