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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Director of food product development


Our in-house expert picks her Foodhall favourites to try this month

1. I always try to buy flowers that are at their seasonal best and hydrangeas are perfect right now. I love the way they develop as they open and change colour over time, and they look so pretty dried, too.

2. The quickest and easiest snack of all has to be pesto swirl houmous with carrot and cucumber sticks. Lola, my youngest, is vegetarian and I’m a happy mum when I know she’s snacking on things like this. This swirled houmous looks and tastes fantastic.

3. Blind-baking the pastry and including cheese give a lovely crisp shell to Our Best Ever quiche Lorraine, which contrasts brilliantly with the creamy custard and Applewood smoked bacon. I’ll never bother making my own again!

4. Our Irish raspberries are simply the most delicious I have ever tasted – they’re enormous, too: so juicy and plump.

5. Pizza is a guilty pleasure in our house and the family love spicy food. The sourdough base of our limited-edition woodfired ‘nduja pizza gives a great taste and texture and is a good way of trying ‘nduja for the first time if you aren’t familiar with this spreadable spicy sausage.
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