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The Finns know a thing or two about winter skincare. Achieve a glowing complexion with Lumene’s Arktis range, ideal for deep hydration during the coldest months


Protect skin from thermal shock with Lumene’s Arctic Hydra Care (Arktis) ‘second skin’ moisture-barrier technology

Many of us experience dry skin during winter, but few realise that temperature changes between inside and outside can intensify redness and sensitivity.

We spoke to Tiina Isohanni, vice president of research & development and sustainability at Lumene, to learn more about the Nordic beauty brand’s specialist winter skincare range.

What makes Lumene experts in winter skincare?
Lumene’s philosophy is deeply rooted in its Finnish origins. We experience extremely cold, dark winters and warm summers with up to 24 hours of sunlight in which unique nature flourishes. Despite the harsh climate, we make the best of all seasons. The innovative ingredients used in our Arktis range combines our expertise with powerful Nordic natural ingredients. The range is 100% vegan, fragrance-free and formulated with 98% naturally derived ingredients.”

How does winter affect your skin?
“Thermal shocks become more extreme during winter. It’s important to know your skin type and observe its needs, which might vary from season to season – bear in mind that oily and combination skin can also suffer dryness during cold weather. Keep cleansing routines gentle: remove make-up with micellar water or try cleansing balms and oils, avoiding hot water.”

What are the best winter skincare products from Lumene?
“The Arktis range contains soothing Nordic bilberry, oat and canola oils combined with a moisture-locking Beta complex that helps restore moisture levels. It creates a ‘second skin’ effect to protect against temperature changes.

“Our rich oleo-serum comforts dry, itchy skin by supporting the cutaneous barrier. When used twice daily, it increases hydration by 39% after only a week. On top of the serum, use the rich day cream or night balm to further reduce trans-epidermal water loss.”

Any other winter skincare tips?
“Drink plenty of fresh water, tea and soups to help stay hydrated and make sure you use SPF all year round.”

Words: Dulcie Emerson