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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Be it sultry red, vampy merlot or hot pink, a bold lipstick can perk up your day. The Style & Living team talk through their feelgood favourites

1. “I feel more dynamic when I wear Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Super Model Kiss, £14. I go from mouse to minx in one sweep.” Sam Dean, acting beauty editor

2. “My go-to has always been Autograph Colour Shine Lip Lacquer in Plum Shine, £10. It’s not just a lipstick – it’s a state of mind.” Tamala Ayres, stylist

3. “Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick in Deep Pink, £16.50, always pulls me out of a rut. It’s also a fast fix to make teeth look whiter.” Colleen Last, senior sub editor

4. “Wine colours always work well for me. When I wear Stila All Day Lipstick in Chianti, £17, my lips become a conversation starter!” Jo Caulkett, home editor

5. “My magic secret to looking good in selfies is Stila All Day Matte Lipstick in Bisou, £16. Once you find a shade that complements you, it feels fab.” Sophie Hines, fashion editor

6. “A pop of Diego Dalla Palma Shiny Lipstick in Coral, £16, on clean skin looks so classic and grown-up. It never dates.” Claire Askew, kids editor

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