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REN Clean Screen mineral SPF sunscreen




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Discover what makes the bestselling, five-star-rated face cream by Ren one of the best sunscreens around

If you’re looking for a facial sunscreen to complement an on-the-go lifestyle, make it this mattifying SPF 30 sun cream from clean skincare specialists, Ren. It features 22% non-Nano naturally-derived zinc oxide to provide a physical barrier, instead of using chemical UV filters or silicon which can be harmful to the environment. This mineral suncreen has the added benefit of protecting your skin from blue light emitted by electronic devices, which recent studies show has the potential to cause skin damage due to oxidative stress. Rice extract ensures the cream glides on with a smoothing, pore-perfecting effect. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect everyday sunscreen: whether you’re hunched over your laptop all day or dashing about, you’ll be confident your skin is protected.
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“PROTECT your skin against
the sun’s harmful rays and blue light
emitted from electronic devices”

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