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Struggling with at-home-24/7 dressing? Four fashion experts share their tips

Deborah Brett, fashion editor and ceramicist

“Comfort is key, so I’ve been living in cashmere tracksuits and boiler suits, including this M&S one I’ve been wearing in the makeshift ceramics studio in my garage. A few special touches help bring a smile to my face, either a bit of jewellery or sandals. Who says it can’t be summer at home?!”

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Alex Fullerton, stylist, writer and fashion director-at-large, Glamour

“I’m not letting go of my usual uniform of denim. I’m relying on the sharp silhouette of my favourite jeans – the Lily – to lift my mood. Teaming them with other classics (a Breton top, ballet flats) means I look pulled together even while everything around me falls apart, mainly my plans for home schooling like Miss Honey. Pick a pair of jeans with 2% elastane in them for comfort and stretch.”

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Chloe Forde, freelance stylist

“I’m keeping it simple and comfortable and enjoying not having to stress about putting an outfit together. I love luxe loungewear for every day anyway, so I can’t say my style has changed. For the past few days, I’ve worn super-soft tracksuit bottoms and slip-on sandals on rotation.”

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Sarah Tomczak, editor, Red magazine

“After a week or so of living in loungewear, I realised how much I was missing dresses – so now I put one on most days. It’s an instant mood-booster and makes me feel more like myself again. I get so much happiness from clothes, so this is a simple way to bring some joy to my day.”

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Senior editor: Miranda Eason

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