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Stay cool and look great in our Goodmove range


Statement-making sportswear

It’s no surprise that last year saw a huge boom in sports such as running and cycling and, if there’s to be one silver lining to the lockdown, it’s these new-found exercise habits. With summer on the horizon, however, many exercise-lovers worry about over-heating, chafing and ending their workout session dripping with sweat – which is where the right fitness gear becomes essential. Luckily, the M&S Goodmove range offers affordable, expertly designed summer workout clothes that contain hi-tech fabrics with eye-catching designs – just look at these logo tops and bright bottoms for a dose of summer fitness cheer.

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Sweat-free shorts and leggings

Fabric is the number-one factor in how summer-appropriate your shorts or leggings are, which is why we’ve put so much research and innovation into the building blocks of Goodmove bottoms. Fabrics are sweat-wicking, quick-drying and breathable, but the products still look great. Case in point, these Go Move printed leggings, one of our most popular shapes for high-intensity workouts. Go Balance leggings, meanwhile, are perfect for yoga or pilates, with super-soft stretch and no pockets or zips to dig in when you take to the floor. There’s also a range of shorts, including these smart double-layered shorts, which are perfect for running in hot weather with zero risk of a knicker flash!

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Summer workout-friendly tops

Like our leggings, Goodmove summer workout tops are made from high-performance fabrics to ward off sweat. Vests and crop tops are great for keeping you cool, but if you prefer more coverage there’s also a bestselling T-shirt, which will work just as well under a sports jacket in winter. Our top choice? This clever double-layer sports vest – basically two tops for the price of one – which includes a tighter-fitting, supportive top underneath and a looser, more relaxed vest on top. You can also choose to wear them separately. The Goodmove crop tops, meanwhile, offer enough support that those with smaller busts could wear them sans bra for low-impact exercise, although we recommend our expertly crafted range of sports bras for most women and workouts!

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Words: Sophie Hines

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