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Our range includes 22 types of pillow – from traditional
feather to memory foam and anti-allergy options


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Choosing your ideal pillow

Depending on your slumber style, you may want to go for firm, soft or a combination.

Firm pillow

Best if: you sleep on your side.

A firm pillow will provide height and support for your head and neck, helping to keep your spine in alignment.

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Medium pillow

Best if: you sleep on your back.

A medium pillow gives gentle support to keep your head up withoutpushing it forward, keeping to the natural curve of your neck and spine.

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Soft pillow

Best if: you sleep on your front.

A soft pillow that gently supports your head and neck, keeping your spine in its natural position.

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Synthetic filling

Man-made fillings are best for allergy/asthma sufferers and are easy to care for. Look out for the following features:


• Bounce back  • Supremely washable
• Supersoft  • Anti-allergy  • Cool comfort


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Speciality pillows

Designed with specialised shapes and fillings, our pillows provide superb comfort and excellent support no matter what position you sleep in.


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Natural filling

Feather and down pillows mould to your head, neck and shoulders to give soft, gentle support. There are many types to choose from.


• Duck feather & down  • European duck down
• Pyrenean goose down  • Natural wool


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Pillow talk


Feather or down fillings tend to last longer than man-made fillings, but you can help to extend the life of any pillow by plumping it daily and using a pillow protector. All M&S pillows are machine-washable, with the exception of memory foam pillows, which have removable, washable covers.


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