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Lunch boxes, reusable water bottles and travel mugs with packed lunch ideas




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Make going back to work a breeze with clever kit to keep you going

It’s the time of year for resolutions, from healthy eating to keeping fit. Unfortunately, January is the least motivation-friendly month, with dark, cold days and the post-Christmas commute to contend with. This might explain why so many of us have ditched the gym and are back on the biscuits by February. Give yourself a fighting chance by getting set up with the right kind of kit. Start with a travel mug – a great-looking, greener and cheaper option that’s fast replacing disposable coffee cups. A reusable water bottle will help you stay hydrated while you keep fit, too. Finally, try these clever lunch containers, complete with cutlery and a condiments pot. They’re ideal for transporting meals you can actually look forward to, from salads with a zingy dressing to homemade soups and warming stews – not a soggy sandwich in sight. Take action now and reap the rewards come spring
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“Arm yourself with the right kit
to make HEALTHY eating
on the go easier

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