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Our clever kitchen storage solutions will help you get organised, cut down on waste and they look good enough to have on display


Choose square and rectangular stackable storage containers to make best use of cupboard space

1 Style your shelves
Open kitchen shelves can look messy. Choose stylish storage containers that will look good on display and create a unified look by sticking to a tonal colour scheme. Store similar items together, add interest with pictures and pots of herbs and put things you use often within easy reach.

2 In the clear
Decant pantry staples into clear storage containers to make it easy to see what’s in your cupboards. With everything visible, you’re less likely to forget about ingredients until they’re out of date, leading to less waste. Plus, you can easily see when you’ve nearly run out of something.

3 Maximise space
Look for multi-tasking pieces of kitchen kit and clever storage solutions that make the most of space in the kitchen. This stylish bread bin does double duty as a bread board, while this undershelf basket expands storage space and this undershelf cup rack holds up to six cups, freeing up valuable cupboard space.

4 Better shape up
While round storage containers look great, they don’t make the best use of cupboard space. Our square stackable storage container set is a customer favourite: “I chose them because very little cupboard space is wasted,” says one fan. “I keep buying more because they look so neat in my larder,” says another.

5 A place for everything
Once you’ve decanted food into containers, get busy with a label maker. Make sure it’s easy to find what you’re looking for by organising everything into categories, for example pasta and grains in one section, nuts and seeds in another, baking ingredients together and so on.

6 Cut down on waste
Reduce food waste by having a selection of fridge- and freezer-safe containers to hand. Our smart fridge storage box keeps veggies and salad items fresh for longer, while a set of food-storage containers is great for leftovers and, when not in use, can be stacked to save storage space.

Words: Miranda Eason

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