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Woman wears khaki wide-leg trousers, silk shirt and faux-fur jacket




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves

Sophie Hines

Senior Content Editor


Confused about how to wear this season’s coolest trouser shape? Read on.

Are you ready for big pant energy? Because wide-leg trousers are parachuting in this season, and they offer the perfect balance of comfort and cool we’re looking for. If the thought leaves you clutching your beloved skinnies in despair, wondering how on earth to wear these voluminous beasts, fear not – they’re actually surprisingly easy to style. The high-waisted shape means you can tuck in a silk shirt, long-sleeved top or slouchy cashmere jumper, offering a neat silhouette to balance out the capacious bottom half. Wear with stiletto heels to look super chic (and tall!), or chunky trainers and a cute jacket for the perfect high/low mix.


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“Wide-leg trousers offer
the perfect balance
of COMFORT and cool

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