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Find it hard to fall asleep? Waking up at 2am and can’t drift off again? Read on for failsafe tips to bedded bliss

Make your bedroom a sanctuary

We spend one third of our lives in bed so it’s worth splashing out on some five-star comfort. It starts with choosing the perfect bedding, whether you go for luxurious plain Egyptian cotton bedding or duvet covers and bedding sets in prints and patterns. Don’t miss our Comfortably Cool bedding range, which actively moderates your temperature for an unbroken night’s sleep.

From a natural or synthetic filling to the tog rating, there are lots of factors to think about when buying a new duvet. We’ve covered all the bases in our extensive range, making it easy to find your perfect slumber partner.

Create a more calming feel by decluttering your bedroom and decorate it so you look forward to diving under the duvet. Turn your bedroom into a retreat with a bedside lamp, a sleep-boosting scent and a cosy pair of slippers ready to step into in the morning.

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Develop a pre-bed routine

Set yourself up for a great night’s sleep by getting into good bedtime habits. Aim to go to bed at the same time every day and ideally before 11pm. Take a hot bath – the drop in body temperature when you get out of the bath will help you feel sleepy. Supercharge the effects with relaxing bath products laced with stress-busting notes of lavender or jasmine and warm a fluffy towel on the radiator to wrap yourself up in when you step out. Switch off devices a few hours before bed and make time for screen-free relaxing: read a book, do some stretching, try a guided meditation or just take a few minutes to focus on your breathing.

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Choose the perfect pillow

For a great night’s sleep, you need a pillow that offers the correct support for your sleeping style.

If you’re a side sleeper, a firm medium-high pillow provides height and support for your head and neck to keep your body aligned.

If you sleep on your back, a medium-firm pillow gives gentle support and keeps your head up without pushing it forward, keeping to the natural curve of your neck and spine.

If you sleep on your front, a soft pillow that’s relatively flat will help make sure your head and neck aren’t strained.

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Get into the comfort zone

Don’t let uncomfortable nightwear get between you and a good night’s sleep. Pure-cotton PJs feel soft next to your skin and is breathable for all-night comfort. If you feel the chill, our dressing gowns and cosy loungewear for her and cosy loungewear for him will help you stay toasty.

Make a sleep-enhancing pillow spray part of your bedtime ritual. This Works award-winning sleep spray is proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed. Mist over pillows before bedtime and let nature’s most soothing and calming essential oils work their magic.

Getting beauty sleep isn’t just about how many zzzs you catch, but what you put on before bed to supercharge its revitalising effects. Customers can’t get enough of our bestselling Formula Absolute Ultimate sleep cream and Formula Absolute Ultimate sleep oil.

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Words: Miranda Eason and Dulcie Emerson

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