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Make your mantelpiece a festive focal point with these cosy fireplace display ideas, from light-up garlands and ornaments to fairy lights, candles and seasonal decorations

Traditional fireplace decorating ideas

Bid Christmas guests a very warm welcome with an opulent mantlepiece display featuring seasonal foliage, perfectly placed stockings and an array of glowing candles. If you’ve opted for a red and gold decoration theme, complement your tree with a matching fireplace colour palette. Our alphabet-embroidered velvet Christmas stockings add a personal touch – use stocking hooks to attach them to your mantel.

“Create a COSY winter refuge with an inviting fireplace display”

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Make your mantelpiece glow with fairy lights, candles and more

It wouldn’t be Christmas without twinkling lights on dark December evenings. Try our popular light-up candle, with tiny LED lights that sparkle as the wick burns. Create an inviting ambience by arranging different types of candles around the fireplace: large pillar variations to flicker evocatively in the hearth; assorted scented tealights along the mantelpiece; wax melts to create interest, and tapered candles in tall candlesticks to frame the scene.

For instant impact, decorate your fireplace with a fuss-free pre-lit garland – choose from styles including natural-looking foliage complete with pine cones, classic Christmas baubles and shimmering metallic mistletoe-style leaves.

Don’t forget a Christmas room fragrance for the final flourish.

“ORCHIDS add a touch of modern elegance to a festive mantel display”

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Add personality with festive fireplace ornaments

Not every home has a fireplace, but every home can have a festive focal point. A floating shelf is just as impactful as a mantelpiece, especially when filled with family-friendly decorations that you wouldn’t want above an open flame. Choose pieces that encourage Christmas rituals, such as a post box for Santa and an anticipation-building Christmas countdown ornament. Arrange robins in Scandinavian-style knitted outfits beside light-up letters or stars to curate a playful ‘shelfie’ scene you’ll want to share.

“No MANTELPIECE? No problem. Kit out a shelf instead with colourful room decorations for a modern look”

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Words: Dulcie Emerson

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