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Over- ear Bluetooth wireless headphones




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Ian Wright

Menswear editor


Listen up – a  pair of our high-quality headphones make a foolproof present

Who doesn’t like music? Whatever their taste, from country to classical, grime to glam rock, new headphones are a surefire hit. From simple and sleek in-ear buds with a handy remote to top of-the-range noise-cancelling headphones and wireless earbuds with a power-bank dock, we’ve got an option they'll love. This Bluetooth wireless design makes for high-quality, no-fuss commuting, relaxing or working out, and you can fold it away when the fat lady has finished singing. We’ll have it with you in time for Christmas, too – you’ve got until 19 December to order for next-day delivery; 21 December to collect in store. Music to your ears.
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whatever their taste”

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