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Restore order to your linen cupboard with our ultimate guide to folding fitted sheets



Into the fold

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There’s a real sense of satisfaction that comes with a stack of freshly washed, neatly folded bed linen. But when it comes to folding fitted sheets, things get more complicated. Pleats, tucks and corners can easily conspire to make fitted sheets more of a heap than a tidily folded pile.

So what’s the best way to fold fitted sheets? Look no further – we’ve put together the ultimate guide to how to fold a fitted sheet so that glory can be restored to your linen cupboard.

How to fold fitted sheets
1 Hold the sheet with your arms outstretched so that the longer edge is parallel to the floor (the same applies whether it’s a double fitted sheet or a single fitted sheet).

2 Place your hands inside the two corners of the fitted sheet you’re holding, then move your right hand out in front of you and across your body to meet the corner in your left hand. Tuck the corner in your right hand over the corner in your left hand.

3 With your hand that’s now free, pick up one of the remaining two corners that’s hanging down. Bring it up to meet the two corners of the fitted sheet that you’ve tucked together, and tuck it over the top of them.

4 Reach down to pick up the one remaining corner, and tuck that over the top of the other three corners.

5 Lie the fitted sheet on a flat surface and straighten it into the most regular, rectangular shape you can, keeping the corners tucked together. Fold the two edges that show elastic inwards, then fold the sheet in half over the top of them to hide the elastic. Fold in half again if needed, until the fitted sheet is the shape and size you want.

6 Congratulations – you’ve folded your fitted sheet! For a linen cupboard to put all others to shame, try tying the fitted sheet together with the rest of the bed linen that makes up your set, using ribbon or offcuts of your favourite fabric.