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To celebrate 20 June, Eighties pop icon and TV soap royalty Martin Kemp and radio presenter son Roman wear four summer looks and talk bonding, wardrobe staples and the power of a sharp suit

Father and son bonding ideas

Martin: “Bonds happen naturally, you find one thing you both love and that creates a bond. For us, it was football.”

Roman: “Going to the football with Dad is one of my earliest memories, he used to take me to the football a lot. Even now, if there’s a big Arsenal game I’ll call in after the match and we’ll speak about it. Dad had the same thing with Grandad.”

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Men’s fashion mistakes

Roman: “My dad’s style changes every decade. His coolest years were the Nineties because his style fitted the time, usually he was either way too ahead or way too behind.”

Martin: “I made some mistakes but I’m quite proud of them. The clothes we wore in the Eighties were a lot of fun. You only have to look at pictures of Lady Di wearing ruffled collars and big shoulder pads with a massive hairdo – it was everywhere and we started that look.”

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Style staples for men

Roman: “I wake up at ridiculous o’clock for the radio so I wear a tracksuit every day and I’m a shorts person year round.”

Martin: “A leather jacket is my style staple, you can wear a leather jacket anywhere.”

Roman: “I think every guy should own a suit, one that you splash out on that makes you feel like James Bond. Tie or bow tie? Depends on the occasion. Never be afraid of a bow tie.”

Martin: “Never be afraid of any clothes, wear anything you want, just get out there and enjoy life.”

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How to work with your Dad

Martin: “Roman is a perfectionist, which I’m not, I’m much more freestyle and a little bit lazy sometimes. But Roman is absolutely on the ball, I’ll watch him at Capital and he’s in control of the room, he’s like Captain Kirk in Star Trek. That’s why it’s a joy working with him [presenting Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best on ITV], he knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Roman: “We’ve been so lucky, working together meant we could see each other [during lockdown]. It was such a lifesaver and something I’m really grateful for.”

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Words: Miranda Eason

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