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Tiffany Ruff and Lesley Holliday from our kids’ footwear team answer your most-asked questions about buying and looking after school shoes


With multiple widths and half sizes available, you can be sure of the perfect fit

Should I buy school shoes a size too big?
“No. At M&S, we develop school shoes with growth room built in and we have great tools on the website, such as our fitting guide, to help you ensure that the fit is right.”

How long should school shoes last?
“Our school shoes have lots of innovative features to ensure a long life, including scuff-resistant leather, rubber soles that won’t wear through and sports-grade underfoot padding that is resilient and comfortable. We also have specially designed tech in our toe-bumper shoes to ensure the toes of the shoes won’t wear through for kids who drag their feet.”

How can I protect my kids’ school shoes and stop them scuffing?
“Our kids’ school shoes are made with scuff-resistant leather to keep them looking pristine for longer.”

Can I stop my kids’ school shoes from smelling?
“Our school shoes have built-in technology called Freshfeet to eliminate odours. We also make sure to use breathable linings and sports-grade padding to wick away any sweat.”

How do I stop my kids’ school shoes from rubbing?
“Look for our school shoes with soft collar padding, which should help prevent potential rubbing.”

My child can’t tie laces yet. What do you suggest?
“Riptape tends to be an easier fastening and is a quick and easy way to get your child learning to put on their own shoes.”

How do I stop school shoes from making black marks?
“The soles of our school shoes are designed and tested to be non-marking, so no more annoying black stains.”

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Words: Miranda Eason