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A baby dressed in M&S Christmas outfit peeping out of a box




Photographer: Piotr Motyka

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Claire Askew

Kidswear editor


’Tis the season to dress the kids up in the cutest Christmas outfits ever

Who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas kitsch? Which is why this mini festive all-in-one is a real winner. Of course, it’s undeniably cute (I mean, a baby dressed up as a tiny Father Christmas is sure to melt hearts everywhere), but what makes the outfit a real shining star is that it’s beautifully knitted from sustainably sourced cotton. So as well as being adorable and super comfortable for your little one to wear, it’s kinder to this wonderful planet of ours. Now that’s true Christmas spirit.
Christmas onesie   Baby onesies

“This SUPER-SWEET festive
onesie is kind to your baby’s skin
and the planet”

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