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Selection of alcohol-free wines surrounded by fresh fruit, spices, chocolate and herbs reflecting their flavours




Photographer: Tara Fisher

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Deputy food & wine editor


Whether you’re teetotal or just fancy a lighter option, our new wines are guilt-free but full of flavour

The trend for low- and no-alcohol drinks is gathering pace and that means the options available for those avoiding booze altogether, or cutting down, are more exciting than ever. In store now, our new alcohol-free wines are made using a special method of vacuum distillation, which removes the alcohol while retaining the wine’s fresh, fruity flavours. Choose from zesty sauvignon blanc with notes of grapefruit and mango; a rich merlot with chocolatey, spicy aromas; and a refreshing rosé that packs in watermelon and strawberry flavours. Delicious with food or as an aperitif. And the best part? No hangover.
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“These three new wines are
LOW in calories and contain no
alcohol, but still taste delicious

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