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Retro photos of kids in school uniform

Growing up
with M&S

Take a look through the history of our
schoolwear and see how it has
changed over the years

1920s-1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s

The 1920s to 1940s - coming of age

M&S got serious about education. We came out with our first school uniform range in 1927 – instantly popular for its affordability and quality. In the difficult war years M&S did its best to help with utility clothing and clothing for air wardens and fire marshals. We also opened M&S cafe bars, to raise wartime spirits.

1950s – new beginnings

Post-wartime optimism ensued with the arrival of the health service, Elvis Presley – and thankfully, washing machines. Our school uniforms upped their style – as worn by the belles of St Trinian’s.

1960s – in the swing of it

The Sixties brought the Beatles and Andy Warhol, and modern-day shopping was born. M&S made fashion easy and affordable for everyone.

1970s – ch-ch-changes

Colour was big in the Seventies so we introduced bright uniforms and accessories for smarter teens. With more people working full-time, M&S helped out with our first all machine-washable range.

1980s – looking the part

The Eighties ushered in new styles, with everything from big hair to shoulder pads. M&S played along with the trends, regularly issuing suppliers with design briefs to keep all of our looks up-to-date.

1990s – easy to wear

The internet took off and so did online and handheld gaming – remember Tamagotchi and Gameboy? We got technology moving too, with easy-iron uniforms saving time for busy parents.

The 2000s – on with the new

Brits celebrated the new millennium and Harry Potter fever took hold. The Credit Crunch left us more value-conscious so M&S brought out non-scuff shoes made to last, as part of 'Back-to-School For Less'.

The 2010s - timesaving technology

Now that screens are everywhere, social media and online shopping are big business. Our school uniform's have gone tech-savvy too, with Stainaway shirts resisting playground dirt. Learning never looked so good.

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