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We invited 30 Netmums members to try
our school uniform out for size on their
children. Find out what they thought when
they put it through its paces.

Child in school uniform


Good as new

"It has all come out looking as
good as it did when we first
got it."


“I'm happy to say that his shorts and trousers have all come out of the wash free of any grass or mud stains.”



"My daughter always manages to get food on her shirts and skirts. After washing you would never have known. I'm very impressed."


Cool washing


"The staining was mainly food – ketchup, baked beans and chocolate – and a little bit of mud on the trousers. Items were washed at 30 degrees and stains were easily removed. The Stainawayfinish does seem to make it easier."

Permanent pleats

"It is such a time saver for a busy working mum and the pleats look much nicer."


“I would definitely recommend
buying M&S uniform. We have
experimented with cheaper
polo shirts throughout the
year but none have lasted as
well as the M&S ones.”

Children in school uniform

Great quality

"The range is far greater than your average supermarket or department store and a lot cheaper than school retailers."

Knitting pretty

"I love the knitwear and will be purchasing all knitwear from M&S in the future. It's worth paying a little more for such fantastic quality."



"Your uniform is unique in quality and design; and I think it's very comfortable for children to wear."


Just a click away

"I find ordering on the M&S website very easy and straightforward. I like that I can order up to 8pm for next day delivery to my local store, which I can then pick up at my own convenience."

Year-round good looks

"I now only buy M&S as they last the entire year. The uniform that I bought last August is still in great condition."


Wide ranges

“I find that there is always a better range online, the size guides are accurate, too, so you can look up which size you need.”

So much better
than expected

"Uniform covered in mud and grass, all stains were removed with just a 40-degree wash."

Easy care


"They all washed extremely well. I
love that they could all be
tumble-dried, and there was no
shrinkage, which I have experienced
with cheaper supermarket polo
shirts. The shorts didn't need
ironing, and the shirts ironed well
to a pristine finish."


Girl in school uniform