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Celebrating Pride at M&S in the UK

We’re supporting the LGBTQ+ community throughout Pride 2023, and you can too. Find out more about our work with charity partner akt, what we do for our colleagues and what Pride means to them.

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Helping to prevent youth homelessness

We’re proud to be supporting akt, the national LGBTQ+ youth homeless charity, for the third year running through our Sparks scheme. No young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.

For the third year running, we’re excited to announce we’ll also be doubling all akt Sparks donations during June to celebrate Pride. Make sure to select akt as your chosen Sparks charity in the Sparks hub if you’d like to support.

More about akt

Join Sparks

We are proud of our colleagues

Our LGBTQ+ Network has more than 700 members. We’re here for everybody who feels passionate about making M&S a place where all LGBTQ+ people feel they belong.

Our Network is a safe space where our colleagues can connect with others, raise questions, share things and help M&S develop relevant products for the LGBTQ+ community. We actively encourage our colleagues to get involved in their local Prides.


What Pride means to us

Foods customer assistant Keith poses with a Pride photo frame

Keith, foods customer assistant

"I found myself in the situation of questioning my identity which put me into a spout of depression trying to find the answers.

With the support of my store management, colleagues and the M&S community, I found help in ways I couldn't imagine. With your support, understanding and love, I am my true self, I am ME."

GM section manager Ruben smiles with Percy Pig

Ruben, GM section manager

"M&S encourages me to be my authentic self because it is a company that prides itself on the diversity and inclusion of all staff and customers.

I have always been encouraged to be true to myself in M&S and feel valued for who I am, which has allowed me to be more confident in pursuing opportunities for career progression in the company.

I hope that by being my authentic self, others will be inspired to do the same."

Head of pensions and benefits Nicola smiling at camera

Nicola, head of pensions and benefits

“For me, being an ally is something I am passionate about. Pride is an opportunity for us to all come together as a family to celebrate, but also use our voices to highlight where there are still social injustices for many members of the LGBTQ+ community. I have immediate family who are part of the community, and supported them when they were younger and struggling to come to terms with their sexuality. I am so proud of them for now being able to be themselves and live the lives they want and deserve.”

Food section manager David smiling with sunglasses on

David, Food section manager

"When I first started my career with M&S, something an old manager said to me sticks with me to this day: 'Bring yourself to Marks and Spencer because we accept everyone.'

Over the years, I have seen the progress and changes within the company that reflects what I was told 10 years ago, and I couldn't be more proud to work for a company that adapts and changes with society to allow every employee, regardless of gender, race, orientation or identity to be their true selves in the workplace."

Lead product designer Maurizio smiling at camera

Maurizio, lead product designer

“I worked with a trans person for the first time when I moved to the UK. Without realising it, I kept referring to them as ‘he/him’. I felt so bad and reached out to them to apologise. I now make a conscious effort to refer to new people as ‘they/them’. As a gay Latino man living abroad, I’m familiar with the hurdles of being left out or not understood. Pride is a great platform for all of us to get together and celebrate not only who we are, but our differences and how embracing them builds a better society.” 

Store operations customer assistant Rena smiles at camera

Rena, store operations customer assistant

“M&S was the first employer I have ever felt comfortable working at as my authentic self. I came out as transgender publicly at the beginning of my employment here, and right from my induction to the present, everyone has been welcoming and supportive. I’m always treated as an equal and I’m able to get on with my job without any stigma attached to me being trans, so I’m very grateful to all the LGBTQ+ allies that I work with. Pride is a celebration, but also a protest. Just simply existing and being visible everyday is a form of protest.”

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