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A range of bras designed to support larger busts


We’ve created a beautiful range of DD+ bras designed
specifically to support larger busts

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Stylish support for all sizes


The straps are slightly wider to reduce stress on
the shoulders and give added support


The bottom of the cup is designed to provide
greater support and comfort for larger breasts


Full-cup bras offer great shape and support, and
full-coverage cups give a smooth outline under clothes


Seams are reinforced for support and stitched flat
so they don't show under clothes



The secrets behind our DD bras

Getting the perfect fit

How to tell if your DD+
bra fits properly


1.      The underband should fit snugly and sit
         level at the front and back
2.      You should be able to move your arms
         back and forth without hitting your breasts
3.      The underwire should sit flat against your
         breastbone, between the cups
4.      Your breasts should be fully enclosed in
         each cup
5.      Straps should be secure enough to hold
         the cup in place, but not feel too tight



Common problems

Did you know the wrong bra fit can cause headaches, neck pain, or tingling in your hands? If your breasts aren't supported correctly by a bra, the weight of your breasts will be carried by your bra straps. This will cause the underband to ride up and the straps to cut in, putting pressure on the nerves in your shoulders

To ensure a comfortable fit, read our bra fitting guide, or pop into store for a free bra fitting →