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Emotional goodbyes, forgetting to pack their sandwiches, them not making friends – most parents have the same worries when it comes to their little one’s first day of school.

To help you feel at ease, we’ve spoken to the people that spend every day with our children – they’re pros when it comes to first-day jitters and how to deal with them. The verdict? Everybody’s different – there’s nothing these teachers haven’t seen! But it all works out in the end.

School Steps
Flying through School

Let them fly

“I once saw a child in reception with a pillow he’d brought from his bed to school – he was feeling sleepy that morning and his mum couldn’t get him to school without it!”

Primary Teacher 6 Years

“I had one pupil who loved to stand up and present in front of the class. He would talk with a fake (yet authentic) American accent and say: “Hey guys, I love you all and I’m enjoying my first week of school so much!”

Primary Teacher 3 Years

Find bonding moments

““A boy who loves dinosaurs scored his first ever rounder while running around the pitch screaming like a pterodactyl. When I praised him on his skills, he said ‘well of course I did well, it’s easy to get a rounder when you have a 20-foot wingspan.”

Primary Teacher 4 Years

“It’s great to see the diversity in school by what children have in their lunchboxes. In my current school there’s a lot of gluten free, dairy free and organic foods, but I’ve also seen children sitting with a pack of strawberry laces, and guard it with their lives.”

Primary Teacher 5 Years

School Snack
School Playground Haircut

Let them cut loose

“Some kids smuggle the strangest non-uniform accessories into school, like gloves in the summer and sparkly hats. A group of girls got in trouble for wearing heavy makeup – turned out they’d taken it from their mums’ collections, but used lipstick as nail varnish and blusher as foundation.”

Primary Teacher 8 Years

“School is often built up to be a scary thing, but reception is fun! Kids get to do the things they love – be it reading, painting or playing football. It’s a relaxed and gentle environment – there’s no need for parents to be worried.”

Primary Teacher 3 Years

Brighten up their day

“Teachers do lots of prep to make sure kids feel comfortable on their first day of school. We’re often there a week before school starts, laminating, labelling and making the classroom look fun and inviting.”

Primary Teacher 12 Years

“We know walking into that classroom for the first time can be daunting for all children. We make sure they all have allocated spaces, from labelled pegs and drawers to a set place to sit. Having a place that’s their own on that first day helps ease those concerns and gives them a sense of belonging”.

Primary Teacher 9 Years

First day Supplies
Confident first day

Hide your emotions

“Kids can pick up anxieties from their parents. Just take the time to help them get organised, then go and get coffee and enjoy the time to yourself. They will be absolutely fine! Trust me, I’m a teacher.”

Primary Teacher 10 Years