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Have you met Mrs Claus?


She’s the remarkable female half of the world’s best-loved power couple and she’s bringing Christmas with love again this year

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Mrs Claus wears M&S belted red coat

Mrs Claus would rather not be famous. She’s happiest getting on with her jam-packed schedule of work and family (husband Santa and a tribe of reindeer) but this year her secret’s out: Mrs Claus is a skilled, behind-the-scenes Christmas operative.

An unofficial Head of Special Operations, perhaps? She laughs off the suggestion with trademark modesty. “Christmas is a team effort,” she explains. “I take on trickier projects because they suit me – I’m calm but determined. Santa’s an eggnog-half-full kind of guy; his jolliness is perfect for the big gestures.”

Cool, calm and collected, yes, but tackling challenging gift missions also requires creative thinking and a few well-kept secrets. “Mr C knows I have my own thing but he doesn’t ask questions. It works because we trust and respect one another so much,” Mrs Claus says of her beloved husband.

Mrs Claus wears M&S red dress in living room with Christmas decorations

Outside of work, life is equally rich and fulfilling. Her line-up of hobbies includes photography, reading and fitness – as well as some unexpected interests. Is it true she’s an R&B fan? Mrs Claus smiles sheepishly. “I’d describe my music tastes as diverse. Let’s just say Beyoncé is on high rotation.”

Christmas celebrations are similarly eclectic. Despite their eye-watering to-do list, the Clauses avoid the temptation to fall in a heap come 25 December. They sit down to lunch and a glass (or three) of wine; a full-bodied red for him, chardonnay for her. “Turkey is obligatory, but I like to experiment with side dishes. This year I’ll shred the sprouts and add chilli and honey.”

The day ends with a roaring fire, carols on surround sound and board games. The usual winner? “You might say I’m competitive,” she says diplomatically. But after a reflective pause she adds: “I win most of the time. Sometimes you have to own what you’re good at.”

Sparkly red girls’ shoes from M&S

Finding the perfect gift

These trainers proved irresistible when looking to surprise Anna. “They’re like ruby slippers for the modern cool girl,” says Mrs Claus, who admits there’s no magic formula for finding the perfect present except to “put yourself in their shoes, so to speak.” She continues: “It’s been a while since I was a 12-year-old girl but my imagination keeps me young at heart. Pilates and regular facials help with the rest!”

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At home with Mrs Claus

A glimpse inside Mrs Claus’ wintry world

Mrs Claus with her husband at their log cabin
“I love our little log cabin at the North Pole. It’s cosy but it’s somewhat bijou, so I’m working up plans for a loft extension.”
Red dresses in Mrs Claus’ wardrobe
“A signature style keeps things simple but that doesn’t equal low-maintenance. I like to look polished when I work.”
Mrs Claus outside her log cabin on Christmas Eve
“Mr C has to keep a strict schedule but I have the luxury of more time on Christmas Eve. You can’t rush perfection.”
Children playing on a sledge
“It means so much to bring joy and love at Christmas to children like Jake and Anna.”
Christmas letters for Mrs Claus
“I keep letters I receive in my secret wardrobe, along with my fabulous red clothes. It’s where I keep my most prized possessions.”
Reindeer in the snow
“The reindeer are like our children: I love them unconditionally. Except when they’re naughty – then I love them through gritted teeth.”

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