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Team Romford’s Christmas song!

Team Romford

This Is Not Just Another Christmas Song 

Ready for some off-the-charts festive cheer? Our amazing colleagues at M&S Romford (AKA TikTok sensations Team Romford) have released a sequel to their Christmas hit from last year, which reached number two in the iTunes chart during December! 

Their new original song, “This is Not Just Another Christmas Song”, is available to download on iTunes and Spotify now. They’ve also filmed a music video, inspired by the iconic East 17’s “Stay Another Day” and including a guest appearance by none other than original band member Terry Coldwell. 


Bottling up a boyband for the festive season, the video sees Terry take our light-up snow globe gin liqueur off the shelf only to find Team Romford inside! The team sing, dance and replicate the legendary East 17 scenes, while gold leaf (a signature ingredient in the gin liqueur) tumbles down.

To spread even more festive joy in the local area, Terry turned on the Romford Christmas lights in November, and is super-excited for his cameo with Team Romford on their viral TikTok page. 

The story so far

M&S Romford is just one of over 600 M&S stores with its own social media accounts on TikTok and Facebook.   


Team Romford have become viral sensations over the last two years, with their TikTok videos making them superstars. Their videos continue to go from strength to strength, with TikToks racking up almost 4 million page likes and over a whopping 30 million views.  


As their fan base continues to grow, M&S Romford visual merchandiser and singer-songwriter Jack Brooker took to his lyric book once again. And, for the very first time, Jack’s brought in his colleagues, best friends and TikTok icons Clinton and Joseph to sing too. 

Team Romford
Team Romford

Celebrating M&S Food

This festive sequel and soon-to-be chart-topper celebrates all that’s great about M&S food as Team Romford invite customers into their store.

Inspired by his love of M&S food, singer-songwriter Jack has included all of Team Romford’s favourite festive products, from the light-up snow globe gin liqueurs to Collection mince pies, turkey toasties and our new limited-edition “get your skates on” Colin the Caterpillar. 

Supporting the local community

M&S is donating its profits* from the sale of the new Team Romford song to S.M.I.L.E London & Essex.**

“S.M.I.L.E London & Essex are no strangers to the generosity of M&S,” says Maria Quaife, the charity’s chief executive officer. “We’ve received amazing financial support from them this yeart via the M&S Christmas campaign with Neighbourly. We were overwhelmed be extending this partnership by working alongside them with the release on the Christmas sequel ‘This is Not Just Another Christmas Song’.

“Not only it is a great opportunity to be working together again, but it’s fabulous to see my old friend Jack Brooker have a chance to showcase his talent as a singer-songwriter – something he was passionate about back in our school days. We can’t wait to hear the new song and will be queuing to get the first download on the 12 December!”

 *Anticipated to be £2,500. **S.M.I.L.E London & Essex, a charity registered in England and Wales with Registered No. 1177989 whose registered office is at 52 North Street, Romford, RM1 1BH.

Jack Brooker
Jack Brooker

Meet the man behind the magic

The launch of their second Christmas charity song is so exciting for this inspiring team, especially singer-songwriter Jack Brooker.


“Last Christmas was a dream come true, and I just had to get the team back together for another festive hit!” said Jack. “We all just get on so well, and the more TikTok videos we do, the tighter we get as a team.


“This year, I was really excited to write verses for Clinton and Joseph – customers love our dance routines, and hopefully they love our voices together, too. Whenever we’re together, people shout ‘look, it’s the Romford boys’ – it means so much to be able to do this with my best friends!” 


Meet the Team Romford stars 

Sarah Hutcherson  
“I’m the woman behind the camera – building up the account and inspiring everyone to get involved. The team are a joy to work with!”


Clinton Amponsah “I have so much fun creating our videos, and it means so much when we see all the love we get from our customers.”


Joseph Duodu “After last Christmas, we’re always asked if we’re going to do another one. Or they assume we are, and they say, ‘looking forward to the next Christmas song!’”


Sharon Rougier “I’m a true Essex girl, and the support we’ve had from the community has been incredible. I can’t wait to see where our Christmas sequel takes us – although my family say I peaked when I made it on to @loveofhuns!”  


Steve Hester “All the guys and gals really love doing the TikToks, and it’s brought us even closer as an M&S family. Simon and I are always a double act – on and off screen!”


Simon Bell “I love coming up with ideas for the videos and making them more comical for our audience.  My daughter continues to ask when the next one is coming, and my son, who is now 22, asks when it is going to stop.”


Store manager Lee Spencer “We have a very special group of colleagues at Romford, and TikTok has brought everyone even closer, no matter their age. I’m so proud of Jack and every member of Team Romford – please show your support for my dream team and get downloading on iTunes or Spotify!”

Jack Brooker

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