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Reserve a slot to shop in store, so you won’t have to queue when you arrive.

Service Update

At M&S, we're all looking forward to bringing on the brighter days that lie ahead and we're delighted to have now reopened all of our stores across the UK.

As a result, our stores are no longer seeing the regular, long queues they experienced during the height of lockdown, which has meant demand for Sparks Book & Shop has reduced.

With this in mind, from Saturday 8 May we will be switching off our Sparks Book & Shop service.

As ever, we thank our customers for their continued support and co-operation and leave the door open for Sparks Book & Shop to return in the future if it’s needed. For more information on your local store click here.

We encourage any customers looking for a quiet time to shop to visit our stores either before 10am or between 14.00-16.00 in the week, which are generally our quietest times.

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