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Getting the perfect fit


The majority of our range is designed using a standard D width fitting in line with international standards for UK sizing. Unless otherwise specified, our shoes will fit a standard width.



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If you have broader feet, look for our Wide Fit styles, which are an E+.




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Finding your size

Not sure what size to buy? Use our printable chart to ensure the perfect fit.

Step 1: Download and print the shoe size chart.

Step 2: Place it flat on the floor with the toes pointing away from you.

Step 3: Stand on the chart with your heel on the mark and take note of the size next to your longest toe.

Step 4: Repeat for both feet. If the two sizes are different, use the bigger one when buying your shoes. As a general rule, you should have about 10-13mm of space between your longest toe and the shoe.



Download our printable shoe size chart

Our heel heights