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Plain or patterned? neutral or bold? Whatever your style, we'll
have curtains to complement your room ready in 10 days

Three steps to your perfect curtains

Fabric options for made-to-measure curtains


Choose your fabric


We have more than 400 made-to-measure curtain fabrics to select from. Use the links below to view the options by colour and download an order form.



Try your chosen fabric in your room before you order to see how it works with your colour scheme and in different lights. We offer six free swatches to help you decide.


To order yours, call us on 0333 014 8404


Order form
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Blue and green
fabric swatches

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Neutral, browns and gold fabric swatches

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Grey fabric swatches

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Red, pink and purple fabric swatches

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Curtain linings


Choose your lining


Lining your curtains protects the fabric from sunlight and improves insulation in your home when the weather’s cold. Select from the options below:


  • Cotton twill – 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Solprufe – 100% cotton with a super-smooth finish
  • Blackout – 70% polyester, 30% cotton. Specially coated to block out light, this is a particularly good option for bedrooms
  • Thermal – 52% polyester, 48% cotton. This lining is specially coated to retain heat and keep out the cold
  • Thinsulate – This lightweight sateen twill has a unique microfibre layer that retains heat well


Choose your style

Select from three different styles of curtain heading

Pencil pleats

Pencil pleat

Classic uniform pleats give fullness to your curtain

Pinch pleats

Pinch pleat

Sophisticated pinch pleats are available with or without matching fabric-covered buttons



Eyelet headings can only be used with a curtain pole. They come in six colours: old copper, satin silver, brass, old gold, nickel and gunmetal


Once you've chosen your fabric, lining and heading style, measure you window (read on to find out how), complete the order form and post it to the given address. You'll receive a phone call confirming the details with a quote, then your curtains will be ready in 10 working days.

To order swatches, call us on 0333 014 8404

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For more support, measure your window and contact us by phone on 0333 014 8404.

We can provide you with advice to help you though the order process, give you a quoteand arrange for swatches to be sent to your home. We'll place your order over the phone and your curtains will be ready in 10 working days

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How to measure for curtains

Expert advice: measuring up


Caroline Murphy, M&S account manager at British curtain manufacturer Belfield Furnishings, explains how to measure your windows before you order bespoke curtains.



Always use a metal tape measure, as cloth measures can stretch


Curtain poles

For curtain width, measure the width ofthe curtain pole between any finials orend caps

Curtain tracks

For curtain width, measure the full width of the standard curtain track

Curtain tracks with overlap

Measure the full width of the track (A) and the width of the overlap (B), then add the two


Curtains should finish either:

1.5cm above the floor 15-20cm below the sill (or 2cm above the radiator) 1.5 cm above the sill

Pleat track heading

Measure from the top of the track to where the curtain should finish at the bottom

Pleat pole heading

Measure from the underside of the decorative ring to where the curtain should finish at the bottom

Eyelet heading

Our eyelet heading curtains will fit poles up to 3cm in diameter. Measure from the top of the pole to where the curtain should finish and add 4cm

How to measure for a pelmet


Add together the distance between the wall and the front of the pelmet track (A), along the front of the pelmet track (B), and back to the wall again (C)

Pelmet width (cm) = A + B + C



If you choose a straight pelmet, the ideal drop is a sixth of the overall length of the curtains. We also offer two choices for shaped pelmets

Side length 40cm with centre length 28cm

Side length 51cm with centre length 30cm

Straight pelmet

Shaped pelmet