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Welcome to The Chocolate Shop

The chocolate shop


We’re passionate about chocolate. From the finest single-origin to artisan selection boxes, welcome to The Chocolate Shop – the perfect place to show off some of our extraordinary products


Meet our chocolate maker

We collaborate with a couple of highly specialised chocolate suppliers, like the award-winning Lir in Ireland, to create our fabulous chocolates. For us, it goes beyond simply buying product; our developers have a hand in the creation of our new ranges from start to finish. With a focus on quality and luxury, which means our chocolates don't just look irresistible, they taste exceptional too.

Watch the video to discover more about how we came up with our exclusive The Collections range with a selection of beautiful products that make wonderful gifts for that special someone.


Watch the video

Meet our chocolate maker


What makes our chocolate so special?

Exciting flavours

Our makers think outside of the box to come up with new and different flavours. Watch out for chilli, mango and lime, roasted caramel banana and chai tea latte this year.

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Hand decorated

A lot of the finishes in our Collections range are done by hand, like dusting almonds in gold lustre and spraying chocolates with splatters of edible gold paint.

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All-natural colours

Our chocolates might be brightly hued like shimmering jewels, but each one is made using natural colours, even the vibrant purples and rich black shades.

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Finished by hand

The mendiants in The Collection Ultimate Platter are little milk, white and dark chocolate puddles topped with hand-placed fruit and nuts.

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Tips from the chocolate expert

At M&S, we have a team of food innovators and experts behind every dish and product we make. Our dessert developer, Daniel Fletcher, is the man behind our melting chocolate dome. Here he shares a few hints on working with this tricky and sometimes temperamental ingredient.

Never leave your chocolate alone: "Whether you're melting it over a bain marie or in a microwave, chocolate can burn easily."

Use a thermometer: "If you want to try tempering your chocolate, stick to specific temperatures. It should be 45 degrees when heating it, and reach 25 degrees when cooling. It needs to be within two degrees of these temperatures when you’re working with it to achieve the right finish."

Mix it up: "Chocolate is versatile. It lends itself to lots of flavour profiles like citrus, salted caramel, even beetroot and things like white chocolate and caviar."


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