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M&S Wines of the World

Showcasing M&S's wide range of international wines, read our guide to five of the world's top wine-producing countries and discover what makes each of them unique



Wines of England

The rising star of the industry, English varieties have exploded onto the global wine stage, winning 120 medals at this year’s International Wine Challenge.

Traditional-method sparkling wines have proved to be England's showstoppers, but investment in still wines is now catching up – especially the signature variety, bacchus, which is similar to the more familiar sauvignon blanc.

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Wines of France

One of the largest, most well-established wine-producing countries in the world, France produces a huge diversity of styles.

Traditional burgundy boasts an unmistakably refreshing taste, while new, innovative producers from the south of France offer rich, full-bodied reds like sunshine-filled reds from Languedoc-Rousillon.

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Wines of Spain

Another well-established wine-producing country, there is more to Spain than just cava and rioja.

You can sample fascinating wines from many other areas – including Jumilla in the south east to Rias Baixas in the north west.

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Wines of Argentina

Malbec from Mendoza has cemented Argentina's standing as one of the world's most popular wine-producing countries, and the go-to choice to accompany another of South America's most famous exports: a melt-in-your-mouth steak.

But exploration of high-altitude areas has led to some of the loftiest vineyards on earth, opening the potential for new styles of red and zesty whites.

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Wines of South Africa

Often overlooked and seen primarily as a producer of cheap and cheerful wines, South Africa has worked hard to banish this less-than-desirable reputation in recent years.

Winemakers have improved the quality of their signature grape, Pinotage, while exploring cooler coastal areas in a bid to produce new and exciting flavours.

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