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The start of autumn signals a great time to head back to the kitchen and experiment with some exciting new recipes. We believe there’s nothing quite so inspiring as the best ingredients, so why not use our fine-quality food to start your very own food adventure.


See the delicious results - when we challenged top food blogger; Eat Like A Girl, to go on a food adventure.

We sent her to a secret location in East London armed with only her phone (to find her way) and her excitement.



When selecting breeds of the finest cattle, we know what makes a tender and flavoursome cut of meat. Sourcing carefully is essential, which is why we know all our farmers personally and only work with those who share our values.The highest standards of animal welfare right across the board is key, as happy animals create the best-quality meat. It’s that simple.

We’re proud to say that we were awarded Meat Retailer of the Year 2014 in recognition of our high standards and the breadth of our range.

• All our pork has been outdoor bred in Britain.

• We insist that all our fresh chicken is slower growing, given increased space, natural daylight and has environmental enrichment.

• We have banned production systems that can’t fulfil an animal’s welfare needs, such as battery cages, the forced feeding of geese and ducks for foie gras, the rearing of calves for white veal and the use of the sow stall and tether system for pork production.

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Tomahawk Steak

The trendiest cut appearing on restaurant
menus across the UK. This is rib eye steak
served on the bone.

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From poussin to pork belly, we’re
passionate about sourcing our meat.

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Gloucester Old Spot pork

Rind-on pork rib-roast made from British
free-range pure-bred Gloucestershire Old
Spot pigs born and raised on Oliver
Whiteley’s farm in North Yorkshire.

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Oakham chicken

All our slow-grown fresh chicken is
Oakham reared, which means 100%
British farmers from across Northern Ireland
and East Anglia, who we name on each label.


We are passionate about our produce and go to great lengths to provide the very best. We are particularly proud of the vegetables that are exclusive to us, so if you’re after something unique, there’s only one place to go.

Chopin Potato
Exclusively developed for M&S, the Chopin potato is a versatile variety and so smooth and fluffy that you won’t need to add butter.

Reverse Season British Asparagus
Working closely with John Chinn, our exclusive UK supplier in the Wye Valley, M&S is the only retailer to sell British asparagus at this time of year. We’re delighted that our British crop is particularly sweet, tender and full of flavour.

Rainbow Carrots
We're thrilled to be the only UK retailer selling baby rainbow carrots. Our farmer has developed a longer season of these sweet and crunchy speciality carrots, which are available from 21 September and will last until Christmas


We think you'll love the wide variety of fine quality breads from our in-store bakery. From nut paves, cranberry and pecan batons, tiger rolls to ciabattas with olives and chilli among many others, be inspired to try something a little different.

Made in France using the finest local wheat flour and a bespoke recipe, which allows the dough to ferment naturally for approximately six hours, our stone-baked loaves boast a delicate, nutty flavour and aroma with thick crusts and open, waxy crumbs.

Made in France? Mais Oui! Our Baguette Rustique is made in France using only the finest French flour and slow methods of baking so they develop a full flavour, before stone baking until they're wonderfully crisp and golden.


New for autumn, enjoy our inspirational and authentic collection of dishes from far-flung exotic locations including Mexico, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Immerse yourself in a world of flavours and textures, from fragrant and vibrant to spicy and savoury, from our range of new recipes. Through our passion and expertise, we’ve curated an array of truly exciting food to take you on a unique taste adventure.