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Make someone you love feel truly special with charming, indulgent treats

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1. Autograph™ Dozen Freedom™ Roses

The perfect Valentines gift, a dozen beautiful red premium Freedom™ roses finished with eucalyptus cinerea and robusta. Save £5 for a limited time

Shop Autograph™ Dozen Freedom™ Roses

Autograph™ Dozen Freedom™ Roses

2. Valentine's Gift Box With Prosecco

Win their heart with a romantic picnic for two, including two mini bottles of prosecco, two raspberry and prosecco cupcakes and some cute heart-shaped chocolates to share

Shop the Valentine's Gift Box

Valentine's gift box with prosecco

3. Valentine's Tulips

An alternative to classic red roses, tulips are the perfect present for fans of a greener bouquet. Fresh and bright, they're sure to charm

Shop the Valentine's Tulips

Valentine's tulips

4. Valentine's Book of Love

For a really romantic story, treat your special someone to this book-shaped box of gorgeous gifts

Shop the Valentine's Book of Love

Valentine's book of love

5. 100-Stem Heart Bouquet

Indulge the lover of luxury in your life with 100 calypso red roses, adorned with vibrant grasses in a statement heart design

Shop the 100-Stem Heart Bouquet

Autograph 100-stem heart Bouquet