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If you thought you’d grown out of Easter eggs, then think again. We’ve brought a whole new dimension to the classic treat with our in-store collection of luxury, hand-finished eggs. Food editor Emma Sleight picks her favourites and goes behind the scenes at one of our chocolate factories

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The ultimate mini eggs

Bite into one of our little eggs and you’ll discover a decadent swirl of creamy white chocolate and silky passionfruit ganache encased in either a milk or dark chocolate shell. Hand-sprayed with speckles of edible gold, the eggs (available as a set of six) are the ultimate grown-up indulgence.

New for Easter, these mini marvels will give you a proper cocoa hit, while the tangy ganache – made from passionfruit pulp – gives them the perfect sweet-sharp balance.

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“Grown-up CHOCOHOLICS will love these hand-sprayed eggs”

The artisan egg

Crafted from intensely flavoured Dominican 70 per cent dark chocolate and hand-finished with red, copper and silver edible metallic lustre, the cocoa pod egg was made for true chocolate connoisseurs.

Not only does this Easter egg look beautiful, it also takes you on a flavour tour of the world. Each egg comes with a selection of single-origin mini tasting bars – from Ecuadorian dark chocolate to a Javan milk with a distinctive smokey flavour created using cocoa beans grown in volcanic soil.

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“Each cocoa pod
so every egg is unique

The out-of-this-world egg

Our cosmic egg is made by Lir Chocolates, the award-winning chocolatiers who created the gold lattice egg (shown in the top image). This year, they’ve looked to the stars for inspiration for this gleaming blue egg, which is scattered with stardust and finished by hand with smudges of gold shimmer and golden spheres filled with molten dulce de leche.

The glaze on each limited-edition egg is made by hand-spraying natural colours into a bespoke mould, so every one has its very own personal galaxy painted across it.

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“Each of our 5,000 cosmic eggs is individually numbered”

Photographer: Myles New / Stylist: Alice Hart / Prop stylist: Susie Clegg

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