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Essentials for mum-to-be and baby, from comforting robes and nursing bras to soft baby clothing and hats

Hospital bag checklist for baby

Along with baby pandas and fluffy kittens, baby clothes are, without a doubt, the cutest things on earth (we’re looking at you, baby booties). Hard as it may be, put any fantasies of dressing baby in flouncy dresses and cute dungarees out of your mind for the first few weeks after his or her arrival. During this time, they’ll probably be spending most of their time in short-sleeved bodysuits under long-sleeved sleepsuits (preferably with scratch mittens). On our hospital bag checklist, we recommend packing at least three of each. Baby will need to have one layer more than you, so pack a cardigan or two as well. Make sure it doesn’t have a hood, as these can be a suffocation risk while sleeping. Not only does it look adorablé, a cute cotton hat will keep your little one cosy, and a few pairs of socks will do the trick for toasty tootsies. Make sure the going-home outfit and both practical and comfortable. For the journey, wrap baby in a comfy blanket (avoid bulky pramsuits or coats, as these will stop the car seat harness fitting correctly).

Hospital bag checklist for mum

As is the case for baby, when packing clothes for yourself, make comfort and practicality your top priority. Go for a dark-coloured nightie or oversized tee (try our men’s Big & Tall range) to wear during labour. Choose a lightweight robe to have handy and ready to slip on, if you need it. Loose-fitting separates, such as a sweatshirt and joggers will see you through your time in the hospital and are a great for going home in. If you’re planning to breastfeed, pack a nursing bra and don’t forget to include plenty of pairs of full briefs. Why not give yourself extra piece of mind with a pack of period briefs? For your feet, you won’t regret including a pair of cosy slippers, while flip-flops are a good idea if you’re using communal bathrooms.

Don’t forget…

So, you’re all set when it comes to clothing (phew!), but what about the rest of the hospital bag checklist? For your new bundle of joy, you’ll need enough diapers and cotton wool pads (or wipes) to last the hospital stay. A cellular blanket or swaddle will keep them cosy while they sleep and muslins are a lifesaver for spillages (never underestimate how many of these you’ll need!). For your toiletry bag, you’ll need a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant plus, don’t forget the breast pads (if breasfeeding) and maternity pads. Pack your phone and tablet (remember the chargers) and important documents, such as ID, insurance card and hospital paperwork. Last, but (definitely not) least are snacks and drinks for keeping your energy up during labour and recovery. Don’t leave home without a treat (or three) – you deserve them.

Words: Renée Peck


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