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Where members get rewarded for shopping

Welcome to Sparks, our rewards scheme where members will enjoy exclusive offers, perks and treats

  • Exclusive perks for members
  • You’ll enjoy insider perks, like early access to promotions and exclusive discounts
  • The chance to get your order for free
  • Each month, one customer will receive a full refund on their order
  • Personalised offers, just for you
  • You’ll receive personalised offers based on the things we know you like
  • Celebrating the special moments
  • On your birthday and Sparks anniversary, we’ll send you a special treat

  • Step 1
  • Log in to your account to see the active offers on your Sparks account
  • Step 2
  • To find out more about each of your offers, just click on the individual offer icons
  • Step 3
  • When you’re ready to check out, we’ll automatically apply your offers to your basket
  • Step 4
  • If you want to save your offer for another time, simply remove it at checkout
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