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Fred's Discovery Case

Hello, bonjour and welcome to my discovery case. I’ll help you to explore the amazing variety out there and find a new favourite wine. I hope you love these as much as I do. Salut!

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Fred Sirieix

El Duque De Miralta Rioja Reserva 

“Smooth, velvety and very charming... a bit like me! Aged in American oak for 24 months and a further year in the bottle to get its ‘reserva’ title. Serve it with your roast lamb this Sunday.”

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Estela Lunar Pinot Noir

“This bottle is perfect for fans of smooth reds who are looking for a great match for cheese. It’s vibrant and elegant with beautiful berry flavours and a hint of spice. ”

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La Colline Aux Fossiles Chardonnay

“It wouldn’t be my case without a classic French bottle. This fruity chardonnay is grown in the Roussillon Têt River Valley, close to the sea, and you can taste the hint of salinity this gives.”

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Crémant De Bordeaux 

“I’m a huge fan of crémant, and this bottle has been aged for nine months to develop those lovely brioche and apple flavours! Great with chicken and salads.”

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M&S Classics Soave Classico 

“A youthful, bright and fruity wine made to be enjoyed right now (or within the year) to make the most of its freshness. I love this with my favourite fish dishes, like butter lemon sole. ”

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Susana Balbo Tradición Malbec 

“Now this is an exciting wine, made by a pioneer of the industry in Argentina, Susana Balbo. The grapes grow at high altitude, making them extra flavourful. Let this one breathe before you savour it.”

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