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There’s a whole world of flavours out there to explore,
but don’t worry, because you don’t need to venture
far to experience them. M&S Product developer and
gourmet traveller Caroline Crumby is here to introduce
you to the brand new taste range


Curated inspirations and adventures in food

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Spiced lamb and
apricot tagine


The opulence of Moroccan food is unmatched by any other African cuisine. Here, at the top of the continent, just 20 miles away from the Spanish coast at was was historically the final stop on the spice route before goods entered Europe, there’s always been a huge wealth of influences and ingredients to draw on. Though rich in spices, Moroccan food is not traditionally spicy, but rather fragrant and aromatic with harissa ( albeit of Tunisian origin) used often to spice dishes up. You can’t visit Morocco without tasting a tagine. The shoulder of lamb in our Taste Morocco Spiced Lamb and Apricot tagine is marinated in ras-el-hanout, slow cooked in sweet tomato, harissa and apricot sauce, and shredded. Serve withTaste Morocco jewelled couscous with fresh pomegranate and toasted Pine Kernels.

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Jewelled couscous

With fresh pomogranate and toasted pine kernels

Lemon & saffron chicken tagine

Sliced, chargrilled chicken in a cumin, honey, preserved lemon and saffron sauce with butternut squash, chickpeas and fresh coriander.

Taste Greece

Moussaka filo tart


Greek cuisine is typically simple, unfussy and often just seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and oregano. Each Greek island has its own unique culture and personality, but the same thread runs through them all: a deep love of good food. Ask anyonein Greece, even chefs, where the best place to eat is and they will invaribly say at their own mother’s table. Moussaka filo tart is layers of rich minced lamb ragu, aubergine nd potatoes, creamy bechamel sauce, crumbled feta and paprika in a crisp filo pastry case.

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Beef stifado

Slow-cooked pulled beef with roasted red onions in a rich, aromatic red wine and tomato sauce


Slow cooked minced lamb and tomato ragu layered with long tubes of pasta, bechamel sauce, crumbled feta and oregano

taste spain

Chicken and
chorizo empanadas


Tapas is a really sociable way of eating – the best bit is you get to try a little of everything. Chicken and chorizo Empanadas are inspired by a dish that’s popular all over spain – although they’re originally from Portugal or South Amreica. We’ve used a classic mix of minced chicken and chorizo and infused it with smoked paprika for that traditional Spanish flavour and encased it in a soft pastry shell before finishing with crushed red chillies and a Moko dip – a spicy red pepper sauce that originates from the Canary Islands.

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Pork & beef albondigas meatballs

Pork and beef Meatballs seasoned with smoked paprika in a rich tomato sauce and hint of chilli with fire-roasted piquillo peppers

fideua noodle paella with spicy sausage

Shortcrust pastry with a spicy sausage crumb and piquillo pepper strips in a rich tomato and paprika sauce

taste istanbul

Lamb and pistachio
kofte flatbreads


Walking through Istanbul and its markets is a feast for the senses. Turkish food is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine – a fusion of Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan influences. Koftes are a staple in turkey. We have made our Taste Istanbul Lamb and Pistachio Kofte Flatbreads with minced lamb and beef for a rich favour and seasoned them with pul biber – a dried, crushed chilli that’s a signature ingredient in Turkish food. They come with lightly pickled vegetables and a cremy lemon and tahini dressing. We’ve also chargrilled the flatbreads on both sides to give a smokiness. The koftes are delicious with our Taste Istanbul Feta and Herb Boreks. These flaky, handmade pastries are perfect for dipping into the mint, tomato and lemony sumac sauce that comes with the koftes.

our top picks

Lamb kofte pide

Crisp pastry filled with lightly spiced minced lamb and chicken koftes on a rich tomato sauce with pul biber flakes and fresh parsley

Feta & herb boreks with a tomato, mint & sumac dip

Handmade pastries filled with feta, onion, parsley, mint and coriander


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