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A new home for our extra-special blooms

What’s in a rose?

At M&S, we’re so proud of our exceptional range of premium quality roses that we’ve dedicated an entire online boutique to them. Welcome to The Rose Shop.

Glasshouse in Holland handpicked roses

Meet our growers

Join us as we travel to Amsterdam to meet the passionate people behind our Avalanche roses and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they cultivate and nurture these most perfect of blooms.

Feature flowers

Hand-picked Avalanche roses have been featured in haute couture runway shows and celebrity birthday parties alike. We decided to show off our three varieties – pearl, sweet and classic white – by building a statement wall in our Dutch glasshouse.

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Pick your perfect rose

Roses have a language all their own and every colour has a different meaning and significance. We've selected our favourite shades to ensure you really do say it with flowers.

Pink roses


Thankfulness, appreciatation, grace and gratitude

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White roses


Purity, innoence and humility, fidelity, secret promise

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 Yellow roses


Friendship, happiness and excitement

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Red roses


Love, passion and great respect

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The best of the bunch

Our range has roses to suit every budget, from perfectly formed Columbian roses at just £25 to bouquets with real wow factor like our specialist Avalanche arrangements that make truly special gifts.


M&S Customer

Mother's Day flowers were still going strong over a week later. Largest blooms Mum has ever seen. Couldn't be happier – she was over the moon.

4 / 5

Autograph™ Sweet Avalanche™ Roses


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All-occasion roses

We have a wide array of stunning roses to select from online, from vibrant Fairtrade blooms grown under the Kenyan sunshine to our signature Autograph bunches that make extra-special gifts. What's more, our full range starts from just £25, so you can find the perfect arrangement no matter what the occasion or your budget.

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