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  1. New
    Resin Unicorn
  2. New
    Red Glass Car with Tree
  3. New
    Silver Jewel Snowflake
  4. New
    Rustic Light Up House With Glitter
  5. New
    Penguin With Jumper
  6. New
    Beaded Pearl Bauble
  7. New
    Trapped Mistletoe Glass Bauble
  8. New
    Red Fairy Bauble
  9. New
    Silver Bell Star
  10. New
    Set of 3 Brown Acorns with Beads
  11. New
    White And Gold Nutcracker
  12. New
    Silver Beaded Bauble
  13. New
    Red Post Box
  14. New
    Silver Star Mosaic Bauble
  15. New
    Glass Owl Bauble With Glitter
  16. New
    Set of 4 Luxury Glass London Icon Decorations
  17. New
    Green And Red Nutcracker
  18. New
    Gold Lace Glass Bauble
  19. New
    White Stag With Silver Glitter
  20. New
    Silver Mirror Star
  21. New
    Red Phone Box
  22. New
    Gold Beaded Bauble
  23. New
    Winterberry Light Up Table Centre
  24. New
    Plum & Gold Peacock Glass Bauble
  25. New
    Red Faberge Glass Bauble
  26. New
    Pearlescent Glass Droplet
  27. New
    Set of 12 Luxury Glass Retreat Tree Decorations
  28. New
    Gold Glass Skates
  29. New
    White Tipped Pinecone
  30. New
    Snowman Bauble
  31. New
    Resin Stag with Jumper
  32. New
    Hanging Gold Birdcage
  33. New
    Set of 12 Luxury Glass Winterberry Tree Decorations
  34. New
    Red Retro Santa
  35. New
    Rose Gold Faberge Glass Bauble
  36. New
    Silver Mercury Glass Bauble With Stag Cap
  37. New
    Smoked Glass Bauble With Etching
  38. New
    Moose Bauble with Glitter
  39. New
    Red Floral Glass Onion Bauble
  40. New
    Plum Regal Glass Bauble
  41. New
    Pink Glass Finial
  42. New
    Glass Santa with Tree
  43. New
    Jewel And Beaded Red Glass Bauble
  44. New
    Glass Treasure Chest
  45. New
    Set of 3 Red Animals
  46. New
    Jewel Cap Floral Lustre Glass Bauble
  47. New
    Hand Painted Dog
  48. New
    Glass Dog In Present
  49. New
    Green Retro Reflector Glass Bauble
  50. New
    House With Glitter In Glass Cloche
  51. New
    Set of 20 Luxury Silver Glass Tree Decorations
  52. New
    Felt Reindeer
  53. New
    Rose Gold Swirl Bauble
  54. New
    Red & Gold Glass Finial
  55. New
    Clear Glass Bauble With Glitter Feather Design
  56. New
    Skiing Deer
  57. New
    Dog With Antlers Glass Bauble
  58. New
    Jewel Tree Topper
  59. New
    Set of 12 Luxury Winterberry Glass Tree Decorations
  60. New
    Plum Micro Bead Glass Bauble
  61. New
    Skiing Fox
  62. New
    Plum Glitter Glass Onion Bauble
  63. New
    Champagne Micro Bead Glass Bauble
  64. New
    Retreat Glass Pinecone
  65. New
    Set of 12 Red Shatterproof Baubles
  66. New
    Baroque Beaded Glass Bauble
  67. New
    Hanging Silver Beaded Snowflake
  68. New
    Lustre Glass Beaded Band
  69. New
    Silver Star Tree Topper
  70. New
    Brown Glitter Leaf Glass Bauble
  71. New
    Green Angel Glass Bauble
  72. New
    Green Zig Zag Glass Bauble
  73. New
    Silver Retro Reflector Glass Bauble
  74. New
    Set of 6 Luxury Glass Animal Decorations
  75. New
    Red Zig Zag Glass Bauble
  76. New
    Polar Bear Scene in Glass Open Bauble
  77. New
    Clear Glass Bauble with Beads
  78. New
    Rose Gold with Pearl Detail Glass Bauble
  79. New
    Set of 54 Shatterproof Retreat Minis Tree Decorations
  80. New
    Set of 20 Luxury Gold Glass Tree Decorations
  81. New
    Set of 20 Luxury Monochrome Glass Tree Decorations
  82. New
    Set of 20 Luxury Pearlescent Glass Tree Decorations
  83. New
    Set of 6 Luxury Glass Tree Decorations
  84. New
    Red Merry & Bright Glass Bauble
  85. New
    Set of 6 Luxury Novelty Glass Decorations
  86. New
    Set of 12 Luxury Glass Monochrome Tree Decorations
  87. New
    Set of 20 Luxury Red Glass Tree Decorations
  88. New
    Red Merry Christmas Glass Bauble with Stag Cap
  89. New
    Set of 54 Shatterproof Boutique Minis Tree Decorations
  90. New
    Set of 54 Shatterproof Manhattan Minis Tree Decorations
  91. New
    Set of 12 Luxury Glass Boutique Tree Decorations
  92. New
    Hanging Gold Frame
  93. New
    Set of 54 Shatterproof Winterberry Minis Tree Decorations
93 items
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