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The way you start your day can make all the difference to the rest of it. Make over your morning routine and start the day happy

Get organised

A great morning routine starts the night before. Check the weather forecast for the next day so you’re not surprised by rain/snow/sky-high temperatures and prepare what you can: lay out gym kit and work clothes, make a healthy breakfast, assemble packed lunches and pack your work bag. If your morning routine usually involves someone running around yelling, “I can’t find my bag/keys/purse (delete as appropriate),” designate a home for them and get into the habit of putting them there when you get in.

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Don’t hit snooze

Sleep experts advise against hitting the snooze button because it disrupts your sleep and can leave you feeling groggy. Instead set your alarm for when you actually need to get up and put it out of reach so you have to get out of bed to switch it off. Hate waking up to the sound of an alarm? Try an alarm clock that uses light to simulate sunrise for a gentler start to the day or swap your alarm for nature sounds or your favourite radio station.

Stop scrolling

Wake up, reach for phone, check texts, group chats, socials, emails, news sites – sound familiar? Stop! Put your phone on airplane mode at night and don’t pick it up for the first half hour of your morning. Use the time you would have spent scrolling on something more mindful like a short guided meditation or a breathing exercise. Have a cup of tea in your favourite chair or in the garden, bundled up in a duvet coat. Read a couple of pages of a book or spend a couple of minutes writing a plan for the day.

Get moving

Exercise is great for physical as well as mental health, making it a valuable addition to your morning routine. The good news? You don’t have to do a 60-minute sweat session to benefit. Just five minutes of gentle yoga stretches will ease you into the day. If you can combine your exercise with getting outside, you’ll benefit from the exposure to daylight, too. Go for a walk or a run.

Words: Miranda Eason


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