Make sleeping a breeze with these top bedding tips – from summer sets and sheets to calming colours

Turn your bedroom into a summer sanctuary

We spend one third of our lives in bed so it’s worth splashing out on some five-star comfort. It starts with choosing the perfect summer bedspreads, whether you go for luxurious plain Egyptian cotton bedding or summer bed sheets and bedding sets in prints and patterns. Waking up because you’re too hot or cold? Don’t miss our Comfortably Cool bedding range, which actively moderates your temperature for an unbroken night’s sleep. Our guide to choosing bedding to help you sleep better is a great starting point if you’re unsure which bedding set to buy.

When choosing your summer bedding, be mindful of your bedroom’s colour scheme. Subtle tones like white, pale blue or pale green will help you feel cool and serene while you’re getting ready for lights out. If you’re starting from scratch, our calming colours guide will help.

Lighter summer evenings and mornings can disturb those crucial first and last few hours of sleep. Try black-out blinds or thicker curtains to block out the light, or an eye mask to keep you in blissful darkness after dawn. Alternatively, try a soft satin eye mask.

Get into the comfort zone

Create a more calming feel by decluttering your bedroom and decorating it so you look forward to diving under the duvet. Our how to declutter your home guide is full of great tidying ideas. Turn your bedroom into a retreat with an easy bedtime read, scented candles and cosy slippers ready to step into on chillier mornings. Scent can also have a big impact, so bring home fragrance into the mix – fresh, clean notes like lemon, linen or cotton.

Don’t let uncomfortable nightwear get between you and a good night’s sleep. Pure-cotton nightwear feels soft next to your skin and is breathable for all-night comfort. If you feel the chill, our robes and cosy loungewear for her and jersey loungewear for him will help you stay comfortable even with the A.C. on.

Cut out screen time an hour ahead of bedtime. If reading relaxes you, try a blue light filter for your phone or e-reader, to cancel out light that keeps your brain on high alert. A warm bath or shower will make you feel cooler when you get out. For bonus points, make your bathroom feel like a spa with our luxurious Egyptian cotton towels.

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