Turn your home into a relaxing haven and make the most of longer evenings with a sofa movie date or a spa-style soak

Turn your bathroom into a spa

A bath is a brilliant way to unwind. Here’s how to turn a standard soak into a decadent, spa-style experience.

• Set the scene and help your mind unwind by lighting a scented candle infused with a relaxing essential oil such as lavender.

• Add your favourite bath salts, bubble bath or bath oil to the tub, put on a face mask, lie back and read a book or magazine, or listen to an audio book or your favourite podcast.

• Invest in a plush bath mat and fluffy Egyptian cotton towels and pop them on the radiator so they’re warmed through when you step out of the bath.

Have the ultimate at-home date

Turn your living room into a haven to hibernate in and have the ultimate movie date night at home.

• Get comfortable in luxe loungewear. Our cashmere hoodies and joggers are so cosy you’ll never want to take them off. Or amp up the glam factor in a pair of luxe satin PJs. More loungewear ideas this way.

• Create sofa heaven with a mix of velvet tactile cushions and keep a chunky throw on standby to keep you cosy during TV streaming binges.

• Prepare your favourite fuss-free dinner, throw on some fresh herbs, dish up on fancy dinnerware, and serve with a pre-mixed cocktail.

Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary

A few smart additions can turn your bedroom into a tranquil space where you can relax and recharge.

• Bedside lamps do more than just make your room look like a boutique hotel – their gentle light creates a tranquil ambience to lull you into a sleep-ready state. 

• It’s not just what you sleep on, but what you sleep in that counts – pure cotton nightwear feels soft next to your skin but is breathable for added comfort.

• Are you a cold sleeper, a hot sleeper, or a sensitive sleeper? Buy your bedding accordingly to maximise your sleep. Find out more here.

Easy ways to wind down before bed

Develop a bedtime routine before you dive under the duvet and set yourself up for a great night’s sleep.

• Switch off devices a few hours before bed. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ and don’t look at it again until morning.

• Stretching before bedtime aids relaxation. Yoga poses to try before bed include child’s pose, legs up the wall, a gentle spinal twist and savasana.

• Try a guided meditation or simply take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Inhale for four to six counts and then exhale for four to six counts.

• Check out even more sleep tips this way



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