Get set for sleep success with our top tips for resolving your bedtime woes, whether it’s temperature issues or dust allergies that are keeping you up at night

The issue: too hot to sleep

If you struggle with overheating in bed, you’ll be relieved to discover our Comfortably Cool range. The innovative materials work by moderating your body temperature, helping you to feel cool and fresh during the night. We recommend starting with our cooling mattress topper, which is made with a breathable 100% pure cotton cover and a moisture-wicking Dacron eco polyester filling base, followed by cooling pillows and a duvet. Luxurious Egyptian cotton bed linen will add a little hotel style to your bedroom, while helping you maintain a comfortable temperature as you snooze.

The issue: cold feet in bed

We all tend to switch our heavier winter clothes for floaty dresses and breezy shirts in the spring, but how many of us can say we apply the same logic to our bed clothes? Cosy bedding is your top priority: look for duvet covers and sheets in brushed cotton, jersey or flannelette (the same rule applies to nightwear), plus a stylish bedspread or throw to layer over the end of the bed and provide an additional insulating layer over chilly toes.

The issue: dust allergies

One of the biggest causes of allergies is pesky dust mites, which are tiny insects found in household dust. Symptoms are similar to those of pollen allergies: sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes, but can also include wheezing and shortness of breath – the last thing you want when you’re trying to nod off. We recommend focusing your mite-busting efforts in the areas of your home where you spend the most time: the living room and the bedroom. An anti-allergy mattress protector, such as our British Allergy Association-endorsed model, is scientifically proven to reduce dust mite allergens. Bamboo-blend bedding is not only super soft but naturally antibacterial, too, making it an affordable eco-friendly choice for sensitive sleepers.

Words: Dulcie Emerson


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